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New MK 30 ALC FM/TV Omni Ship's Antenna

NEW :  Automatic Level Control!

The newest "Antenna of Choice" among Large Yacht & Ship Owners and Operators

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MODEL Digital TV-FM Antenna Mark 30 ALC    Data  Benefits

Mark 30 ALC is a Digital Omnidirectional wide-band antenna (40-890 MHz) TV-FM Radio, for maritime purposes. It is based on a construction of circular dipoles  coupled to an amplifier via a broad-band filter.

This antenna is made of ABS plastic and filled with polyurethane foam. Mounting base in saltwater-proof special alloy and bolts in stainless acid-proof steel.

The advantages of the Mark 30 ALC compared to an ordinary Yagi antenna system are:

No adjustments required for proper signal levels.

 Rigid, non-corrodable, maintenance-free construction.

  • Small dimensions and easy to mount.
  • Omnidirectional, no adjustments.
  • Replaceable preamplifier (and repairable).

MK30 ALC Antenna Data:

Frequency Range: 40-110 MHz, ALC > 60 dB

Frequency Range: 170-230 MHz, ALC > 50dB

Frequency Range: 470-890 MHz, ALC > 25 dB

Gain: >25 dB, @ 40-110, 170-230 MHz

Gain: >25 dB @ 470-890 MHz

Return Loss: >16 dB @40 MHz -1.5 dB/octave

Noise factor: 4.5 dB

ALC limited output level: 95 dBuV or 35 dBmV

Output Impedance: 75 Ohms

Supply Voltage: 15V DC (supplied through the coaxial cable)

Current consumption: Approximately 200 mA

EMC: EN 50082-1, 55024-2, 55024-4

Operation temperature range: -40 - +70 degrees Celsius

Weight: 3kg or 6.6 lb.

Material: ABS plastic, white


1. Antenna Type; Omnidirectional FM/TV - VHF/UHF

2. ALC Automatic Level Control.

3. Typical range is 75 miles from transmitting tower.

4. Specially designed for the salt water Large Ship environment

5. Typical life is 7 to 10 years.

6. Has built-in 25dB replaceable preamplifier and below decks splitter/power supply (sold separately) that operates on 24V DC, 110V, 220V AC power. 110V AC is  most common.

7. Has various ways to mount. - with optional S/S arm bracket, with 2" O.D. pipe stub, S/S deck mount flange or owner provided 2" O.D. pipe stub mount..

8. Operates 2 TV sets and 2 FM Radios without amplifier if antenna cable is no more than 75' long. Optional amplifiers (Small to Large Banded AGC Distribution  Amplifiers) are available for more receivers and long cable lengths.

Max. distance from antenna to the distribution amplifier is 75' unless an antenna lineamplifier is used.

8. Typical application is large military or commercial vessel, or work boat. Antenna dimensions are 270mm high and 460mm diameter.

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